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1 They are about a character that has been played by Robert Fuller.
2 They are not pornographic.
3 They are true to the character as portrayed by Robert Fuller.
4 They are not disrespectful or slanderous to any individual.
5 They are submitted via email in a suitable condition to be posted, i.e word document.

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79) The Mountain Adventure - A new Laramie story by Patty Wilkinson. Adult themes and strong language so please only open if you are not likely to be offeneded by this. 

78) Shadow Of A Gunfighter - Interesting version of Robert's role in Restless Gun written by Maria Luisa Lanaro. 

77) Return Of The Bounty Hunter - A brand new Laramie story by Patty Wilkinson. 

76) Bonnie Jean Armstrong - A brand new Laramie story by the talented Effie Tait. Written for adults. 

75) Taking Chances by Sally Bahnsen. - One for fans of Kelly Brackett and the team at Rampart. This is a new Emergency story. 

74) The Doctor's Daughter by Patty Wilkinson - Another new Laramie story from the popular pen of Patty Wilkinson - Enjoy. 

73) Hogmanay - A  new Laramie story by Effie Tait. This has anew challenge as it is written using "Border Speak" which I think is essentially Scottish language. There are some translations guidelines to help you find your way through. Good Luck !!! 

72) The Long,Long Road To Nowhere - By Patty Wilkinson. New Laramie story told from different viewpoints of Slim and Jess. 

71) Love and Loss - By Effie Tait. Continuation and completion of the Laramie story - Betrayal 

70) The Arsonist  - By Maria Luisa Lanaro. A story based upon Judd Patterson, the character played by Robert in the Highway Patrol episode of the same name.

69) Loved, Lost, Survived - By Patty Wilkinson. Laramie story.

68) Jess' Tale Part 3 - By Rielle. Laramie story Caution - some drug references.

67) Dependence - By By Helen Cooper. Laramie story Caution - some adult language and drug references.

66) Small Price - Big Chance - By Shelly Holcombe. Laramie story

65) You Best Be making Sure To Tell Him Whose Bunk Sheets He's Hiding Under - By NeeBee. Laramie story

64) The Long Dark Veil - By Effie Tait. Effie has proved to be a formidable fanfic writer and this is her latest story. It has adult themes so caution is advised.

63) 2nd Tale Of Two Cousins - By Roniyah Gabrielle Caitrin Bhaer. This is continuation of the rare crossover story of Laramie and Wagon Train, and is the second of a triple bill.

62) Dependence  - By Helen Cooper (Coop) - A new Laramie story which follows on from th Laramie episode "The Replacement".

61) In The Shadows  - By Badger - Neat short Laramie story  looking at the Laramie episode Men In Shadows from Slim's point of view.

60) Second Sight - By Badger - A short epilogue to the Wagon Train episode The Story Of Cain.

59) The Hard Ride - By Effie Tait  - This is Effie's 3rd Laramie story about Jess's struggles with Billy Tait.

58) The Marshalls Revised - What If Slim Was There - By Cat Hicks - This is a reworking of the Laramie episode The Marshalls - this time Slim is there.

57) Guilty - By Elaine Kane - This is a Laramie story with Jess being convicted of manslaughter.

56) Abandoned - By Effie Tait - A new Laramie story - the follow up to Renegade.

55) A Name In Common - By Pat Storm - A new Laramie story. Slim and Jess encounter the bandit Jesse James in this story of a trail drive to Missouri.

54) A Trail Not Often Travelled - By Pat Storm - A new Laramie story. You can't count on the weather no matter how nice it seems at the moment. Jess and Traveler almost lose their lives. 

53) A Friend In Need - By Pat Storm - A new Laramie story. A simple days work turns bad for Jess when ends up stranded and threatened by a pack of wolves.

52) Renegade - By Effie Tait - A new Laramie story from a new writer. Some friends from Jess'past turn up and threaten Slim's life.

51) Atonement - By Helen Cooper. Follow on to Waiting For The Storm To Break. Events form the past catch up with Jess and Threaten to tear his life apart.

50) Waiting For The Storm To Break- By Helen Cooper. This is Helen's first fanfic on this site. It is a good Laramie story where Slim is under threat of losing the ranch and Jess tries to come to the rescue - but things get complicated !!! 

49) The 29th - By Katie J Valley. This is Katie's first fanfic posting on the site and is a short story about Laramie. Hope you enjoy it.

48) 1st Tale Of Two Cousins - By Roniyah Gabrielle Caitrin Bhaer. This is a rare crossover story of Laramie and Wagon Train, and is the first of a triple bill.

47) "So my good ol' horse sent you a message, did he...Huh!" - By Neebee. This is a Laramie short story - so more coffee and feet up.

46) No Replacement - By Badger. This one is a bit different. It is a missing scene from a Laramie episode "The Replacement". It is not long so grab a coffee and enjoy.

45) A Breath Of Winter - By Cat Hicks. Cat brings her original style to a brand new Laramie story with a story told through the eyes of Slim Sherman.

44) My Heroes Have Always Been Gunslingers - By Cat Hicks. This is a different kind of story with double appeal. It is a crossover tale of Laramie and Star Trek. Lots of heroes in this one - have fun. 

43) Best Medicine For Daisy - A new Laramie story written by Pat Storm. This is Pat's first story for us and it is a great one. Enjoy. 

42) Let This Heart be Still - Written by Cat Hicks this is a Laramie story inspired by the Metallica song Mama Said. 

41) Gold Means Something Different To Every Man - Head west into Laramie for this short story by the ever popular Neebee.

40) I Thought You Were Dead Twice - Another Neebee Laramie story. This one it is about Jess' sister Francie.

39) Deliverance - Brand new Laramie story and the first from Kim and Kari the Twin Wranglers. Great style - hope we see more.

38) A New Year - A New Life - A new and imaginative story about the team from Rampart and a dying patient called Phil Duncan. Written by Neebee.

37) Fathers And Brothers - A brand new Laramie story written by Moira Purnell. Posted 8th Jan 2007. The first new Fanfic for 2007 from one of our most popular regular writers

36) Seduction - A brand new Laramie story written by Barbara Taylor. Another marathon story. 29 chapters in which Slim meets the girl of his dreams and believes Jess wants her too. A situation which threatens the lives of both men.

35) Tempest - A brand new Laramie story written by Barbara Taylor. This is a marathon story. 26 chapters of action, adventure and tension. Posted 12th February 2006

34) Desperate Hours - New Laramie story by Moira Purnell. Posted 2nd January 2006

33) The Mule And The Mountain Lion - New Laramie story by Elaine Kane. Posted 24th December 2005

32) Hellbound - New Laramie story by Barbara Taylor. Posted 22nd December 2005

31) Somethings A Man Don't Want To Face - New Laramie story by Neebee. Posted 12th Sept 2005 after an eternity !!!

30) Yeah There Was A Time - But It Ain't So Now - New Laramie story by Neebee. Posted 2nd Sept 2005 after an eternity !!!

29) New Beginnings - All new Laramie story written by Moira Purnell. Posted 21st May 2005

28)  Roaring Fires And Aching Bones And Ashes Long Since Gone - All new Laramie story written by Neebee. Posted 23rd April 2005

27) The Stranger - All new Laramie story. Posted 15th June 04

26) It's Ginny Slim - All new Laramie story written by ardent Robert Fuller fan Neebee. Posted 12th June 04

25) Like An Eagle - All new Laramie story from a new contributor Barbara Taylor from Liverpool in England. This is an exciting Jess and Slim story where Jess is wounded by an Indian arrow. Posted 30th May 2004.

24) Best Laid Plans - An all new action packed Laramie story by Rachel Zander. Posted 6th Feb 2004.  Slim is shot and badly wounded while Jess looks helplessly on.

23) To Hell and Back (Part 2) - Now updated conclusion to this great story by Rachel Zander and Moira Purnell

22) To Hell and Back (Part 1) - New revised version of this terrific story by Rachel Zander and Moira Purnell

21) Into The Light - A Laramie story by Moira Purnell (The Calgary Cowgirl) posted Dec 2003.   A look at the bond of friendship that exists between Slim and Jess.

20) Enemy Unknown - A Laramie story by Rachel Zander posted Dec 2003.   A new story by a new writer from Canada    

19) Family - The Ties that Bind - A Laramie story by Moira Purnell. 

18) Stand Alone - A Laramie story by Pat Henry. Great stuff with Slim and Jess on opposite sides of the law.

17) Whose Trouble Is It - A Laramie story. Pretty much suitable for all the family.

16) The Invitation - A Laramie Story. Some caution due to language.

15) The Exchange - A Laramie story. Quite violent

14) Blood Red Sky - Part 3 of the continuing story of Vin and Sky. Some caution advised due to sexual reference

13) Between The Pain And The Fury - A Laramie story. Quite a lot of violence so caution advised

12) The Land Grabbers - A Laramie story. Suitable for all

11)The Crystal - A Laramie story. Caution advised due to small amount of sexual   content

10) Ghosts From The Past - A Laramie story. Suitable for all

9) The Choice - A Laramie story. Features Slim and Jess together. Suitable for all

8) The Demon - A Laramie story. Quite violent so caution with young ones

7) Ladies Day - An alternative version of the Laramie episode that introduced Mike Williams and Daisy Cooper - suitable for all

6) Stage Stop - An alternative version of the very first episode of Laramie - suitable for all

5) Forging A Friendship - A story based on Laramie - suitable for all

4) Jess Harper's Family - A story based on Laramie - suitable for all

3) A Sky In His Eye - A story based around the Character of Vin from Return Of The Seven - guidance is advised as there is some small sexual content

2) The Truth - A Laramie mystery story - suitable for all

1) Dead On Arrival -  A story based on Laramie - suitable for all


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